Flooded Basement Cleaning Service in Montgomery, Alabama

With Protek Restore, you are guaranteed to receive fast, professional service. Our technicians will not only act quickly to clean and restore your flooded basement but also they can offer basement waterproofing service as well. Waterproofing your basement can mitigate damage from flooding in the future. And we know that time is of the essence when it comes to flooding; the longer it takes to address, the more potential there is for lasting damage. But because of our around-the-clock dispatch service, we are able to attend to your needs immediately. As soon as you call, we will send out a team to get a handle on your flooding problem.

What Causes Basement Flooding? Here are the potential culprits of basement backup:

Sewage line obstructions
Washing machine backups
Basement shower, toilet or bathtub backups
Washtub basin backups
Floor drain backups
Sewer trap clogs and seepage
Sewer line damage
Sewer line clogs
Heavy rains, flooding or storms
Improperly installed sewer lines
Blockages due to tree roots

For fast, professional service, call Protek Restore. Our certified technicians are ready at a moment’s notice to offer timely solutions for your flooding problems.  We offer 24/7 service through our emergency hotline. We will respond immediately by sending out one of our certified, expert technicians to find a professional solution to your basement backup or indoor flooding issues.

How Can You Avoid Future Basement Flooding? Here are some preventative measures you can take now to avoid problems later:

  1. Ensure that the sewer lines to your home or office are installed properly.
  2. Have your basement waterproofed by professionals.
  3. Get regular maintenance checks done on your basement.
  4. Have sewer valves installed.

Because basement backups are often due to improperly installed sewer lines, not only in the basement but also in other areas of the building. Appropriate installations and waterproofing measures handled by experts can go a long way in protecting your home or office from potential damage by flooding and backups.

Regular Maintenance:

Just like you need regular checkups from your doctor, your basement needs a maintenance check by professionals—and it needs to be done regularly. Not only will regular maintenance checks make a serious backup less likely, they can also be a key factor in preventing water damage. Protek Restore offers maintenance service of your basement and other sewerage lines as well to ensure your safety and help you keep your basement nice and dry.

Sewer Valves:

If you find yourself frequently experiencing sewer damage in your basement, sewer valves might be a good option for you. The type of valve installation you need will be dependent on the type of sewer lines you have. Our technicians can determine which kind of installation and sewer valves are right for your building. You will be on your way to a better protected future in no time.

Emergency Restoration You Can Count On!

As a full-service restoration company, Protek offers comprehensive solutions when your home or office is damaged by storm, water, fire, smoke or mold. For more than 25 years, our certified crews have been creating satisfied customers in Montgomery and throughout Alabama with our restoration efforts.

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